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Am I Allowed To Say How Wack Eminem’s Donald Trump Diss Freestyle Was?

Sooo this is the wackest thing ever and I have been silenced long enough. The internet wants you to think that this ‘DESTROYED DONALD TRUMP’. The internet is also extremely wack so this was the perfect storm of white nerds riding for their white rap champion, Marshall.

I first want to say that this wasn’t bad. I’m not saying that Eminem isn’t a good rapper. That would be foolish. I’m just saying that he’s extremely overrated and the idea that he destroyed Donald Trump is wildly exaggerated.

He didn’t say anything that we haven’t already been saying since Trump began campaigning. We shouldn’t need Eminem to remind us in spoken word format to know that he’s a bad president. We’ve actually been shouting this from the rooftops for two years now but thank you, white savior, for reaching guys like Keith Olberman who said that he hated hip-hop for two decades but thanks to Em, he’s now going to listen to rap. Cool.

Are we pretending like rappers like Kendrick Lamar haven’t been rapping about racial injustice for years? Do we really need Eminem standing in an empty parking lot in front of random black guys in the background to cosign him?

Racism’s the only thing he’s fantastic for
‘Cause that’s how he gets his f**king rocks off and he’s orange

This is easily the LAMEST bar of 2017. If Jay-Z said this then we’d be throwing 4:44 in the trash. Get this garbage OUT of here. Just because we all hate the person this bar is attacking doesn’t mean it’s good. This is some Iggy Azalea level wackness.

If Eminem was white he’d be Tech N9ne which is both the most honest and disrespectful thing I’ve ever said. Disrespectful¬†to Tech N9ne of course.

Get Eminem’s wack ass OUT of here.


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