Alyssa Milano is Always Wrong

Star of 1994 hit movie Double Dragon, Alyssa, Milano, continues to have the worst Twitter account of all time as she is back with more trash tweets and this time she’s going after Bernie Sanders and she brought Whoopi Goldberg into the #Resistance with her.

Before I shit all over Alyssa Milano, star of 1997 hit movie Hugo Pool, let’s talk about how gross this Whoopi Goldberg interview where she starts off by attacking Bernie Sanders for not dropping out of the primary because he’s currently losing.

There has been a very clear Autobot unification of the Democratic party and the media to anoint Joe Biden the nominee from the moment that Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Biden the night before Super Tuesday when they were both still very much in the race.

The conversation quickly changed to how mean Bernie Sanders’s supporters are online and how much Russia loves him and a bunch of nonsense that has overshadowed the fact that Joe Biden has dumb for brains and is so clearly one phlegmy cough away from his lungs popping.

Here’s a clip of Joe Biden letting the world know he has dementia and he wants to go home:

Notice Whoopi isn’t attempting to fight Joe Biden about his history of supporting segregation, stuffing black people in prison for nonviolent crimes, loving the shiiiiit out of the Iraq War oh, and raping a woman but we’ll get back to that later.

The idea that Bernie Sanders needs to drop out and his campaign is preventing him from helping us with the Coronavirus is insane when you consider the fact that his ENTIRE campaign is based on giving us a universal health care system that would save millions of lives without punishing COVID-19 survivors with thousands of dollars of debt for their hospital stay.

But nah, tell me more about how evil Bernie is because he has positive things to say about Cuba even though Cuba has the best doctors in the world who are quite literally being flown into other countries to help them with this pandemic.

I’m going to pass out if I continue typing about the obvious erasure of Bernie Sander’s presidential run and the promotion of Biden, who doesn’t even know where he is right now.

Alyssa Milano, star of 2002 hit Buying The Cow, is the most frustrating loyalist to the Democratic party who has thrown away all of her own beliefs for Biden simply because the party has convinced us that their candidate is always the good guy and Donald Trump is a facist so everyone who votes for Biden is also a hero.

Let me make it clear before I continue, Donald Trump is a racist rapist who is good at zero (0) things and should never be in charge of anything. Four more years of that man and he’ll probably ban books and condoms and anyone with an accent he doesn’t find sexy.

Fuck Donald Trump

But Joe Biden was accused of rape two weeks ago. Alyssa Milano was one of the faces of the #MeToo movement. Remember when we used to ‘Believe All Women’? Like, two months ago? Remember?

And now we’re not only sweeping that sexual assault story under the rug but whenever it’s brought into the public conversation, it is instantly batted away by calling the accuser, Tara Reade, a liar.

It’s so cool how everyone was comparing Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump when in actuality, it’s Joe Biden who is exactly like Trump. They do not respect anyone who isn’t a white anglo saxon protestant male. To these men, brown people are servants or should be hit with airstrikes. Women are vaginas to be used in order to relieve stress.

And Alyssa Milano—the actor in every shitty direct-to-DVD movie that you’ve never heard of and the asshole who tried to organize women on a ‘no sex strike’ during the height of #MeToo to punish men but all it did was reinforce the fact women’s pleasure doesn’t matter and their inclusion in sex is simply to service men—is back again to remind us all that she is never right and at this point it’s very clear that she just wants retweets and Internet clout.




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