Allen Iverson Said He Never Lifted Weights In His Career Because They Were Heavy

Facts. Only. To be honest, AI is completely right here. Weights are actually heavy. I don’t think anyone can dispute this point. I’m glad someone is finally saying what we’ve all been thinking for so long.

This just shows you how different conditioning was in the early 2000’s which seems like it was like, 30 years ago but it literally just happened. Guys were hitting the weight room after practice. They were getting new dope ass tattoos and banging sloots. The good ol’ days.

I feel like I didn’t appreciate Allen Iverson enough back when he was the best player in the NBA. I definitely think he did way more in Philadelphia than Kobe did in Los Angeles but that’s a debate for another day.

Had I known he had hot takes about weights like “that shit was too heavy”, I would’ve been on the bandwagon so much earlier. Instead I was trying to explain to people that Latrell Sprewell didn’t really want to choke his head coach and that he’s actually a pretty good guy.

If you don’t work out, you now have a good reason to tell anyone who asks you why not. Weights are heavy. Case closed. No further questions.




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