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Adam Gase is a Straight Up Sociopath

The New York Jets played again this Sunday. Guess who won. The team that played against the Jets. Duh. New York scored a grand total of 3 points against the Miami Dolphins. After the game, Adam Gase, the sociopath, was asked about who was calling the plays. He went full American Psycho mode.


This is an interrogation scene from Mindhunter.

Before we go deep dive into this maniac’s awful press conference, it’s worth mentioning that the Jets and the Denver Broncos scored the same amount of points on Sunday. The Jets starting quarterback was Sam Darnold. The Broncos starting quarterback was a wide receiver off the practice squad. Keep that context in mind as Gase turns into the Joker in real time.

A few weeks ago we were told that offensive coordinator, Dowell Loggains, had taken over the playcalling duties and the team actually looked decent. Still zero wins but decent. This week, Gase was asked about it and straight up lied about it.

The reporter tells Gase that they were watching Loggains the whole game and he wasn’t doing anything. Most people would then rescind their lie and admit they made an error but nope, not 2020 NFL Coach of the Year Adam Gase who looks around nervously and says ‘it’s not hard’ as if to imply that it looks like Loggains isn’t doing anything because it’s just sooooo fucking easy to call plays in the NFL that you can do it standing still and by not even speaking at all.

“It’s not that hard,” says anointed offensive genius who is coaching the 32nd ranked offense in the league. Dead last. It’s not that hard though.

Then Gase proceeds to lie and claim that he and Loggains discuss what 3 plays they’re going to run before the drive starts which is hilarious for two reasons: 1.) he either knows his team will never convert a 3rd down so he never needs to plan more than 3 plays and 2.) that completely ignores any form of situation football. Like it wouldn’t matter if it’s 2nd and 1 or 3rd and 15, we have our 3 plays and that’s that.

It’s also another lie that he tries to get off.

Reporter: What happens after the 3 plays?

Gase [nervous]: uhhhh….what part of the game?

It’s over, man. You’ve been seen. Please stop doing whatever the hell it is you’re doing. If Dowell Loggains were calling the plays, then you wouldn’t randomly take over at the end of quarters and 2-minute situations. That’s not how this works.

This is what actually happened.

Adam Gase is a narcissist who saw that the team was playing better with someone else calling the plays and feared his reputation as an offensive mastermind would be erased even though Ryan Tannehill leading the Titans proves that he suppressed the young QB in Miami. So Gase took the playcalling duties back and then scored 3 points.

Adam Gase is a sociopath who needs to be removed from the NFL before bodies start go missing and families need to plan funerals.




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