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Aaron Judge Breaks MLB Record For Most Consecutive Games With a Strikeout: Does He Suck?

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge set a new MLB record when he struck out in the top of the ninth inning of Wednesday’s game against the New York Mets. It was the 33rd consecutive game where Judge has struck out, breaking a previous record held by retired slugger Adam Dunn.


You never really want your name in the same sentence as Adam Dunn. Sure, Dunn is a 2-time All-Star with 462 career home runs or whatever but he’s also third ALL TIME in strikeouts. Baseball is a game that has been played for over 100 years 1and Dunn, who debuted in 2001, has the third most strikeouts ever.

But before we freak out over the fact that Aaron Judge will for sure surpass Dunn in career strikeouts when it’s all said and done2, we have to look at who has the most strikeouts of all time.

Reggie Jackson. Mr. October himself. If Judge’s career looks anything like Reggie Jackson’s when it’s over then he’s a hall of famer and one of the greatest Yankees ever.

So does Aaron Judge suck?

Yea, sort of. Sure, he’s almost batting .300 for now and he has 37 BOMBS this season. But here’s the problem with striking out constantly: it takes all of the pressure off of the defense. When there’s a man on first base, a ground ball isn’t always a double play. You have to make the defense turn two. Errors happen. Players make mistakes. But when you strike out, you completely free opposing defenses of having to make outs. It’s a major rally killer at the top of the lineup.

If there are runners in scoring position, a strikeout ensures that neither runner can advance. At least a grounder to the right side of the infield can move a guy from second base to third. A sac fly with a runner on third is a run. A strikeout with a runner on third is a shitty at-bat.

Does Aaron Judge suck?

Eh, probably not. He’s 1000% better than Todd Frazier. Wait but you know that Todd Frazier is from Tom’s River and he always wanted to play for the Yankees??? But anyway, I’d rather have Aaron Judge striking out 5 times a night than Chris Carter ever wearing pinstripes again.





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  1. Although anything that happened before Jackie Robinson doesn’t even really count.
  2. is this a pun? If so, you may kill me.

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