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Aaron Judge Is Currently On Pace To Hit 63 Home Runs This Season

Aaron Judge is the best home run hitter in baseball and it’s not even close. I’m not saying he’s the most skilled player. He doesn’t have the best at-bat’s. He doesn’t study the pitchers and scout like no one else. Aaron Judge is the best home run hitter in baseball solely because he is a 6’7, 280LB MONSTER. He is the biggest hitter ever and he is on pace to hit 63 homers.

Now the question becomes whether or not it’s actually possible for him to keep this historic pace going. To quote Kevin Garnett ‘ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEE”. I think 63 home runs is cutting Judge short. He has a streak on multi-home run games coming sooner than later.

Plus, Yankee stadium is a sandbox. The walls are in so close that the center fielder and shortstop are essentially standing next to each other in the field. The Bronx is built for bombs. No complaints here. Opposing teams have the same advantage that the home team does. If Judge hits an infield fly on a windy day, it could land in the parking lot.

Here’s the problem, Aaron Judge strikes out 28% of the time. That’s uh, frequent. It’s hard to hit home runs when pitchers can throw the ball in the dirt and you swing right through it. There is no reason for pitchers to throw him fastballs in the strike zone. A pitcher could toss a pitch into the dugout and Judge would swing like a mad man.

Will the 63 home run season happen? Again. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEE.




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