Aaron Hicks Has a Record Breaking Defensive Play, Still Can’t Hit For Shit

Aaron Hicks threw a laser from left field to catch Oakland Athletics third baseman, Danny Valencia, out at home plate. Hicks throw was clocked in at 105.5mph which is the fastest outfield throw ever recorded.

The New York Yankees went on to lose that game 2-5. You know who was a major factor in that loss and the loss in every game he plays in? Aaron Hicks.

Hicks has one hit this year. He is a professional baseball player and he has ONE hit. He’s batting .050 and sure, he can play defense or whatever and he’s better than Jacoby Ellsbury out there but he cannot hit for shit.

In Aaron Hick’s defense, no one on the Yankees can hit, apparently and especially when runners are in scoring position. If the bats don’t figure it out immediately, they’re in trouble. I know that it’s only April but I’m pretty sure the Baltimore Orioles just like, haven’t lost a game yet.


Hit. The. Ball. Aaron.



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