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Aaron Donald Might Literally End Tom Brady’s Career in the Super Bowl

Aaron Donald is part-man, part-Tyrannosaurus Rex. He was created in a lab with the sole mission of murdering oppossing quarterbacks. Donald had 20.5 sacks this season which is the third most in NFL HISTORY.

He also led the league with 106 QB pressures and won 25.9 percent of his rushes against the offensive line and both stats were astronomically better than the rest of the league. Offensive lines double and triple team Donald and he beats them 25% of the time.

Normally, it would pretty much be a gurantee that Aaron Donald would get to the quarterback in any other game but he is actually facing the one man who has mastered the quick checkdown pass.

Everyone calls Tom Brady the best quarterback of all time while he’s out here throwing little dump passes to James White for 1-5 yards at a time. Giants fans scream at their television when Eli Manning checks it down to the running back but when Tom Brady does it, he’s given global praise.

Earlier this season, New England went to Chicago and we all expected Khalil Mack to bearhug Brady like Mark Henry tossing around Rey Mysterio. Mack had 0 sacks and only 1 tackle the entire game.

Now, Mack was suffering from an ankle injury that week and did you see the photo of Aaron Donald flexing? My man is healthy as hell.

And it’s far quicker for Donald to get to a quarterback as the inside pass rusher then it is from the outside linebacker position. Point is, let’s never compare Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald ever again because it’s like comparing apples and gigantic quarterback destroying oranges.

Tom Brady is 41 years old. He had one of his least impressive seasons ever. The end is near for Giselle’s bae. Aaron Donald is the final nail in the coffin. Donald might hit Brady so hard that he retires after the 3rd quarter.

Brady claims to want to play until he’s 45. After this Sunday’s Super Bowl, he won’t make it to 42. Aaron Donald is a grizzly bear in shoulder pads. Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Brady family. They are about to lose a father and a husband.



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