9 WORST Decisions Phil Jackson Made As Team President of the New York Knicks

Phil Jackson is the worst thing that ever happened to the New York Knicks. He pretty much came to the big apple and robbed the city only to return to Los Angeles to spend the rest of his days Scrooge McDucking in a pool of cash while the rest of us have to watch Lance Thomas play 35 minutes a game every night.

Phil Jackson made infinity awful decisions like trading Tyson Chandler for Jose Calderon or trading Pablo Prigioni for Alexey Shved out of nowhere but here are 9 ever WORSE decisions that Phil Jackson made as team president of the New York Knicks:


1. Becoming Team President

No one could have predicted this outcome. Phil Jackson is one of the greatest basketball minds of all time or at least he was. Then he left the Lakers and the NBA for about a decade and became surprisingly out of touch.

Everyone is afraid to say that he’s old and lost his mind but he obviously lost his mind right? Jackson is 71-years old and dementia is a real thing. The man didn’t even move to New York. He took vacations after firing coaches and was nowhere to be found when it was time to hire someone new.

I quickly want to say that you’re an idiot if you think this effects his ‘legacy’ at all but it 1000% doesn’t. He’s still one of the best head coaches ever. There are 128,903,005 things that come to my head before I think about Michael Jordan in a Washington Wizards jersey.

Anyway, him becoming the Team President was the worst thing ever.


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