9 Christmas Traditions That Have To Go

9 Christmas Traditions That Have To Go

1. Ugly Sweater Parties

ugly sweater

OK, these started out as kind of fun. Have a party where people show up with an ugly sweater (Well, except for any old people because that’s all they seem to wear anyway.) But now it’s been ruined and commercialized like the Christmas holiday itself. It was always easy to barge into your old man’s closet, push aside the boxes of old Penthouses and grab one of his sweaters. Or, you just scour a thrift shop or two to find the ugliest, cheapest sweater. Now, it’s being ruined because companies are intentionally making ugly sweaters. Who wants to shell out more than 10 bucks for an ugly sweater they might only wear 2-3 times? The last time spent $60 on something ugly, it was a dancer named Glitter and I am pretty sure she rufied me. Now it’s next to impossible to find an ugly sweater in a thrift store because of those grimy hipsters. I give ugly sweater parties a year, maybe two years tops, before they go the way of the floppy disc. And speaking of ugly sweaters…


Written by Kevin McFadden

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