7 TV Shows You Need To Be Watching This Summer

Summer used to be the time in the programming schedule where networks unloaded their worst shows and their experiments but now it’s 2017 and a great show can drop at any week. This summer there is some absolute HEAT on TV.1

Here are 7 shows you need to be watching this summer.


1. Game of Thrones

This should go without saying but there apparently are still people out there who refuse to watch Game of Thrones. Dragons, zombies and boobs. Nothing else matters. I don’t care if you think it’s too late to start as if every episode isn’t sitting on HBO Go waiting to be watched.

There are 13 episodes of the series left. 7 this season and 6 next year which means every episode counts. The stakes could not be higher this summer. Every conversation is important. Every scene could be a character’s last. I’m getting anxious just thinking about it.

Who is going to sit on the iron throne?

  1. Pun game proper.
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