7 Things That Really Bothered Me About Captain America: Civil War

3. Zemo’s Master Plan

baron zemo captain america

When it comes to master plans, Marvel villains are as effective as Antonio Cromartie pulling out. Baron Zemo however, had the most practical yet still unnecessarily complicated plan ever. I suppose at it’s core, the entire scheme was to force the Avengers to kill each other off and thanks to circumstance, that almost occurred.

But what a sloppy plan. Frame Winter Soldier by wearing a fake Bucky mask and lead Iron Man and Captain America to Siberia to show Tony a video of Winter Soldier killing his parents. What? First of all, if anyone looked at the fake Winter Soldier bomber for longer than 6 seconds they would have almost IMMEDIATELY realized ‘oh that’s obviously not Bucky like, that guy has two normal arms.’ And he reallyyy took a chance just assuming that Iron Man would freak out the way he did.

Dear Zemo, when you murder people, don’t leave the body in the tub and your fake Bucky mask on the end table.

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