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7 Reasons Why Thor: Ragnarok Is The Best Movie Ever

Thor: Ragnarok is the best movie ever. Yes, I know I said that about Logan and that again a few months ago about Wonder Woman but nope. It’s Thor 3, a movie that has no business being anything better than ‘fine’ yet somehow surpasses all expectations.

A movie about a God from another planet is more interesting than 95% of the movies that came out this year. Take all of my money Marvel.

Here are 7 reasons why Thor: Ragnarok is the best movie ever:

1. Funniest movie of 2017

Name all of the good comedies this year. Were there any? Baywatch was sooo bad. Snatched and The House was garbage. Did anyone see Fist Fight? Trick question: No. Girls Trip was hilarious but it also came out at the same time as Rough Night which was not hilarious and in my brain, those are the same exact movie.

Point is, no movie stands out comedically this year like Thor: Ragnarok. I was worried when I originally saw the trailers that Thor being funny would sort of undermine his character and the stakes of the film but it did just the opposite. It made Thor likable instead of being a cardboard cutout like he was in Thor 2.

Give me Karl Urban showing off his guns, ‘Des’ and ‘Troy’, all day long.


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