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7 Reasons Why Justice League is the Worst Movie Ever

5. Steppenwolf.

Who thought it was a good idea to have the villain in the first ever Justice League team up movie should be a generic gray CGI’d monster? Darkseid is the biggest villain in the DC universe and they brought in Steppenwolf who is Darkseid’s uncle in the comics and he references him in the movie but why not just make the villain Darkseid? Why does Zack Snyder want to ruin everything I love?

The dialogue in this movie is garbage. Steppenwolf catches a missile that Batman decides to shoot into an enclosed space because again, what the fuck is Batman doing and Steppenwolf catches it and says ‘such primitive technology’. Uh, the Amazons were shooting wooden arrows at you earlier. It’s almost as if two completely different directors worked on this movie. But no, that can’t be. That would surely make for an awful movie.

Why not put a human’s face into this creature? He’s so boring and blah and nothing. He starts off by saying that he tried to take over Earth thousands of years ago and he’s returned now that Superman is dead. SUPERMAN WASN’T ON EARTH FOR THE LAST 4,000 YEARS. WHY DID YOU WAIT LIKE, 30 YEARS INTO SUPERMAN’S LIFE AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT, WAIT FOR HIS DEATH BEFORE YOU CAME BACK. THERE WAS A HUGE WINDOW BEFORE THE KRYPTONIAN ARRIVED, MY MAN.


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