7 NBA Players Under the Age of 25 Who Have the Potential To Become the Next Kobe Bryant

Earlier this year Kobe Bryant announced that this will be his final season in the NBA. After 2 decades of being the best player in the sport, it’s time for him to pass the torch to some of the younger guys. LeBron James is the obvious choice but at age 30 he is already in his 12th NBA season and has the most minutes played by anyone at 30 in NBA history. Kevin Durant has proved to be very injury prone and foot injuries to players standing almost 7 foot tall almost always cut careers short. So let’s look at 7 current NBA players under the age of 25 that can not only take the torch from Kobe Bryant but perhaps surpass him.

[su_heading]7. Andrew Wiggins[/su_heading]

andrew wiggins

The 2014 number 1 overall draft pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers was once regarded to be the next LeBron James. Well, he’s currently averaging 21 points per game and looks like the slashing scorer everyone thought he’d be. It’s way too early to know what he’ll become but he’s for sure in the conversation for next Kobe.

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