7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Streaming Services

While the first foundation was laid by Netflix, online streaming services have grown in leaps and bounds. If you are not sure what to gift, the Netflix gift code is something that we all enjoy now. While so much new content is being produced, they are available on different streaming platforms and you end up subscribing to them all. What hampers this fun is the different plans that one has to purchase to stay updated with all the online content being posted on various streaming services.

7 ways to save money on streaming services

Today we bring to you great hacks through which you can save money on streaming services, and binge-watch all your shows and series without drilling a hole in your pocket.


  • Skip Live Tv: With everything available on these streaming platforms, you can skip your live TV and save money. All the channels available on Live TV are also available on streaming platforms, so get used to the streaming platforms without paying extra for live TV.


Start thinking about it, how much live TV do you and your family watch? The small sports once a quarter or some news, a free service will fill in all your requirements.


  • Do not miss the free trials: All the online streaming services offer a free trial for a week, 14 days, or 30 days. Before you subscribe make sure you are trying the free trial. If there is only one series that you want to watch on that particular platform, you can skip the purchase and just use the free trial for binge-watching. Another hack for such a situation is to wait for all the episodes of the series to be uploaded and then apply for your free trial. You can also try to use different phone numbers or email ids to get multiple free trials.


  • Choose non-premium plans: Every streaming platform has different subscription plans, with multiple benefits. Do not forget to check all the plans, and if possible, stick to the basic one. You might not get an HD display, but you will for sure get access to all the series and movies at a much lower cost, thus saving you a lot.

Eg. For Netflix these are the subscription plans available:


  • Basic plan: $9.99 a month for one screen (SD)
  • Standard plan: $13.99 a month for two screens (HD)
  • Premium plan: $19.99 a month for four screens (4K Ultra HD)



  • Share the subscription: Most of the streaming services offer a screen sharing option, so instead of purchasing the plan alone, share it with your friends and family. You will then be able to enjoy these shows with your family while also sharing the price of the subscription. If you think this might be unethical then most of the streaming providers expect this of their customers. This is the reason why services such as Stan, Netflix, and Disney+ allow you to add separate users/profiles on a single account.


  • Go for yearly plans: There are different plans with different prices. The trick is to always go for a yearly plan as in that case the monthly spent is less. The savings can be massive, with a 12-month subscription cutting down the cost by 50 percent, six months slash it by 30 percent, while three months by 20 percent.


  • Look for freebies online: Every now and then new coupons and deals are available online for various streaming services. Before you start buying a subscription for any streaming service, make sure to check for discount coupons. There are various apps that help you find the latest coupons. Through these coupons, you can either find a Netflix gift card or any other discount which will help you save money.


  • Service Referral: Most of the companies have a smart move to increase their popularity. In order to grow, one of the best ways is through referrals, as word of mouth has a huge impact and can easily influence the customers. So, check your app and send your referral code to your friends. Once they sign in through that referral code you will receive an exciting discount, while your friend will also receive a free trial of the app.




A recent survey by Deloitte on digital media found that since covid-19, not only have more consumers signed up for video-streaming services but also the average streamer pays for more services than ever. With so many streaming services already available, more media providers are joining the fray like Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max. With increasing competition, saving money while also binge-watching all your favorite series and movies. These tips will come in really handy in getting a subscription to the streaming services.


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