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7 Big Players That Can Still Clear Waivers and Be Traded This August

Baseball is weird. The big trade deadline came and went and yet teams can still openly make trades. Some trades that are so impactful that the Houston Astros were able to trade for Justin Verlander on August 31st last season, the last possible day to add a new player that is eligible for the postseason.

All a player must do is ‘clear waivers’ and the team is given a week to work out a trade for that player. Last season guys like Neil Walker, Jay Bruce, Curtis Granderson and Brandon Phillips all cleared waivers last season and made impacts on their new squads.

Here are 7 impact players that can still clear waivers and be traded this August:

1. Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey isn’t ending the 2018 season on the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds are sitting on an asset that I genuinely believe can help a team get into the playoffs. Sure, he’s 5-6 with a 5.13 ERA this season but let’s not sleep on how well he pitched during the Mets 2015 playoff run.

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He’s only 29-years old. He can’t be washed up yet. Sure, he’s not the ‘Dark Knight’ but he never was. You can not tell me that he wouldn’t help a team as their 4th or 5th man in the starting rotation. I know adding a 4th or 5th guy isn’t the prettiest acquisition for the playoffs but when it comes to getting into the playoffs, you are going to need 5 competent starters going out there every single night. You can’t afford to forfeit a single game.

Unleash Matt Harvey.


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