50 Unanswered Questions I Have After Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you know me at all, then you know I was there opening night to see Star Wars Episode VII. It completely lived up to the hype and then some. If you haven’t seen it yet then I suggest you see it asap, especially if you’re about to read this spoiler stuffed list. Kind of a weird move on your part to click this article if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Anyway, The Force Awakens continued the Star Wars story perfectly but it also created more questions and speculation for Episode 8. It’s never too early to begin thinking about a movie that won’t come out for another 16 months. Here are 50 questions that have rattling in my brain.


1. Who is Lor San Tekka?

2. What is his relationship with the Resistance?

3. How does he know Kylo Ren’s identity?

4. Why would they assign Finn for his first storm trooper mission to arguably the most important mission ever?

5. Am I supposed to care about Captain Phasma?

6. Rey is an orphan and lonely scavenger, why is she such a skilled fighter?

7. How did Finn and Poe Dameron survive a plane crash from SPACE?

8. How did Finn get from the crash site to the Jakku village in like 2 minutes?

9. Why does Finn wear a jacket in the desert?

10. The Millennium Falcon flies better than it did 30 years earlier, why is it just chilling in a junk yard?

11. Again, Rey is just a scavnger, why is she the best pilot in the galaxy?

12. If Han Solo has apparently been spending the last 30 years looking for the Falcon, how did he JUST find it now?

13. In all of this time, Han Solo is just now using Chewbacca’s crossbow for the first time?

14. How did Kylo Ren get Darth Vader’s ashes?

15. Why would Kylo Ren WANT Darth Vader’s ashes?

16. How did Poe Dameron not get swallowed up by that quicksand shit?

17. Why does Maz have Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber?

18. How does Maz know so much about the Force?

19. Is Rey a Skywalker?

20. Is Rey a Kenobi?

21. What makes Kylo Ren turn to the dark side?

22. Who/what is a Supreme Leader Snoke?

23. Was Snoke just casually waiting in the background for all of the Empire’s reign?

24. Is Snoke even a Sith?

25. Why didn’t Poe Dameron stick around to find BB-8 on Jakku?

26. Am I supposed to are about C-3p0’s red arm?

27. How fucking big is Supreme Leader Snoke?

28. How many suns are in the solar system for the Starkiller to absorb?

29. How does Kylo Ren know Rey?

30. Why did Kylo Ren yell ‘TRAITOR” at Finn without having a real prior relationship with him?

31. Who dropped Rey off on Jakku?

32. Why is Leia so cool with seeing Han after what must’ve been a grueling break up?

33. Why does Han genuinely believe he could talk sense into Kylo Ren?

34. How does Rey know she can use all of those cool Force powers?

35. What actually reactivates R2-D2

36. HOW do they create another super weapon that’s so easily destroyed?

37. How did like, 8 pilots survive an entire planatary defense system to blow up the Starkiller?

38. How did they find Kylo Ren’s mangled body in the middle of the woods?

39. What are the Knights of Ren?

40. Why Does Ben Solo have the only normal name in the galaxy?

41. Where exactly is Luke Skywalker?

42. Did he find the ancient Jedi temple?

43. If so, what is the point of finding the ancient Jedi temple?

44. Why did Chewbacca just walk right past Leia after the man they both mutual loved had died?

45. Why is R2-D2 still kind of a dick?

46. Will Kylo Ren switch over to the light side?

47. Is Captain Phasma dead in a trash compactor?

48. Should I care?

49. Are Rey and Finn totally going to bang?

50. Is the Force awake?



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