50 Trends That Need to Stay in 2015

50 Trends That Need to Stay in 2015

2015 has come and gone and hopefully so has 2015 trends. Here are 50 trends that need to stay in 2015:


1. Freestyle rapping at parties.

2. Man buns.

3. Bragging about anything Tinder related.

4. Whipping.

5. Nae-Nae-ing.

6. Buying Apple Watches.

7. Defending Bill Cosby.

8. Being One Direction fans.

9. Being angry at people for giving away TV/Movie spoilers.

10. Giving away TV/Movie spoilers.

11. Opening up vape shops.

12. Sending facebook game invites.

13. Being opposed to gay marriage.

14. Texting in emojis exclusively.

15. Taking selfies in the gym mirror.

16. Tagging me in dumb Instagram shit.

17. Allowing Donald Trump to exist.

18. Pretending like you reallyyyy care about Hillary Clinton deleting e-mails.

19. Inviting me to soul-cyle classes.

20. Calling segways without handlebars ‘hoverboards’.

21.  Being surprised when we find out that celebrities/athletes are assholes.

22. Starting new podcasts.

23. Killing unarmed black teenagers.

24. Camping outside overnight for literally anything.

25. Having extreme opinions about Caitlyn Jenner.

26. Pretending like you don’t enjoy Fast and Furious movies.

27. Encouraging dad bods.

28. Cargo shorts.

29. Thinking it’s cooler to not like Star Wars than it is to like a movie that made a billion dollars in a week.

30. Pretending to care about Ronda Rousey.

31. Watching Lip-Sync battles.

32. Netflix and chill.

33. Being mad at hot teachers for banging students with game.

34. Being responsible for watching every single new series that premieres on Netflix.

35. Adam Sandler movies.

36. Sending snapchats to people while also making it your snapchat story.

37. Posting multiple Instagram photos a day.

38. Doing it for the vine.

39. Hating every single thing Barack Obama does.

40. Loving every single thing Barack Obama does.

41. Frosted tips.

42. Letting Tyga get away with banging little girls.

43. Shutting down major highways because of your protest.

44. Thinking you’re a mermaid.

45. Kylie Jenner lip challenge.

46. Assuming all people of the Muslim faith are terrorists.

47. Starting go FundMe’s and Kickstarters.

48. Paying a shitload of money on watches when the cell phone in your hand tells time.

49. Tweeting at me every time the Yankees lose.

50. Not telling all of your friends and family about

Written by Deadseriousness

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