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5 Wild 2020 MLB Offseason Moves That Will Reshape The League

It’s time to read the tea leaves. I’ve kept my ears to the streets. I’ve heard the scuttlebutt and rumors around the league and I’m ready to wildly speculate about the 2020 MLB offseason long before it’s even begun.

Here’s a quick honorable mention that I didn’t feel like explaining in detail (because it’s completely random: Gerrit Cole to the LA Dodgers. Cole is from California and that’s all I’ve got. Just wanted to throw that out there in case I was right. If I’m wrong I’m deleting this article.

ANYWAY. here are 5 wild 2020 MLB offseason moves that will reshape the league:

1. Aroldis Chapman Signs With Boston Red Sox

aroldis chapman

I hate Aroldis Chapman and I don’t put it past this slimy slimy little son of a bitch to opt out of his contract and sign with the Boston Red Sox just to spite me.

Earlier this year it was reported that Chapman was ready to opt out and then it was immediately reported that he hadn’t made his mind up. Chapman is the ultimate fuckboy who constantly gaslights.

He can’t even pitch a clean inning. Always needs to walk a guy on first base to gaslight Yankees fans into thinking he’s going to blow it so that way when he does get the save, it seems harder than it needed to be. This bitch creates his own high value by creating his own drama.

Oh, and the whole waving a gun in his wife’s face after strangling her. Yea, enjoy Boston.

2. Hyun-Jin Ryu Signs With Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies essentially posted a Craigslist ad last winter seeking a lefty pitcher. Willing to spend any amount of money. They went on a spending spree acquiring Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, JT Realmuto and David Robertson.

It didn’t work. They’re missing one final piece and it’s that lefty ace.

Hyun-Jin Ryu could very possibly win the NL Cy Young Award but at age 32 and a lot of innings under his belt, Los Angeles won’t be bringing him back.

3. Noah Syndergaard Traded to San Diego Padres

noah syndergaard

The New York Mets are dumb and have no idea what they’re doing. Ever. But I do believe that after missing the playoffs this season, again, the cheap ass Mets won’t pay top dollar for Jacob deGrom, Robinson Cano, Yoenis Cespedes AND Noah Syndergaard.

He’s out of there.

Don’t sleep on the San Diego Padres. You don’t give Manny Machado the BAG for no reason. You survey the landscape and see what other players might become available down the road.

That’s what smart front offices do. Dumb ones trade the remainder of their super limited farm system for Marcus Stroman and smart ones wait for dumb ones to make Noah Syndergaard available.

Also, I’m pretty sure the Mets know there’s only so many 100mph fastballs left in Noah’s arm and could be unloading some trash but the Padres have a deep enough farm system to take the risk. They didn’t sign Machado to be a 4th place team.

4. Mookie Betts Traded to Atlanta Braves

mookie betts

Mookie Betts isn’t getting a new deal in Boston. After firing their GM, Boston has made it clear they are starting over and trading Mookie gives them the best opportunity to replenish the farm system that Dave Dombrowski gave away.

The question became, who has the money and desire to not only trade for Mookie Betts but also give him the massive bag he’ll demand. I was going to be cute and throw in surprise teams like the White Sox or the Reds.

But the Atlanta Braves have set up their books beautifully to take on a Bryce Harper style deal for Mookie Betts. Josh Donaldson is one of the most productive bats in the Braves lineup but he signed a 1-year deal and Atlanta would be silly to give him the multiple years he’ll request meaning they’d move rookie slugger Austin Riley to third, his natural position.

They have complete financial control over all of their starting pitchers outside of Dallas Keuchel so they don’t even have to think of giving them the bag until at least 2022 and they’ll have Freddie Freeman’s salary off the books to redistribute to Max Fried, Michael Soroka or Mike Foltynewicz.

They also gave Ozzie Albers and Ronald Acuna those team-friendly deals last Winter. Something’s brewing in Atlanta. They’re gearing up for something massive and Mookie Betts will be up for grabs.

5. Francisco Lindor Traded To New York Yankees

new york yankees francisco lindor

Brian Cashman and the Yankees haven’t been really shy about their admiration of Lindor and it couldn’t be more clear by their hoarding of prospects at the trade deadline. The team desperately needed a starting pitcher and refused to give up any of their big names talents. Almost as if they were preparing a package for a much bigger target.

Also super suspicious that Didi Gregorius doesn’t have a contract extension right now. He is the heart and soul of the Yankees and Cashman is leaving his agent on read.

Cashman has an insatiable appetite when it comes to that side of the field. He will not be satisfied with the shortstop and third baseman until he has two bonafide guaranteed Hall of Famers in pinstripes and Francisco Lindor is a future Hall of Famer.

Since his rookie campaign, Lindor has the 5th highest WAR among position players behind only Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Nolan Arrenado and Jose Altuve. MVPs. He’s been to four consecutive All-Star games. He’s one of the best defensive shortstops in the game. He can hit for power and he can run the bases.

I love you, Didi. Farewell.


Written by Deadseriousness


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