5 Ways To Improve The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

5 Ways To Improve The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 

We all know the nhl stanley cup playoffs just aren’t the same as they used to be. Here are 5 simple solutions to this problem.

1. For God’s sake, get rid of Pierre McGuire. The venom that has been directed at this guy, much of it rightly so, is deafeningly in favor of getting rid of this tool. The “between the glass” thing barely yields any pertinent information outside of Sports clichés 101. At least get the hot chicks back in there.


Every time Pierre is on TV, pencil sales go up so people can jab their eardrums.


2. Enough of the GD same two GD Discover commercials. I am sure there is a study somewhere that found repeated airings of the same entity will yield a boatload of animosity towards said entity. And I am saying this as a proud, card carrying Discover user. Why, just this year, I’ve spent over $3,500 and have a mean 47 cents in cash back rewards built up.




3. Bring back the glow puck. Yes, I know this got a lot of jeering back in the day, but people have grown even more visual. Casual fans need to see when the puck is obscured on the near boards. Plus, have you been able to stay awake to watch a baseball game lately? They have every gimmick to make that sport exciting outside of the steroid meter.

 glowing puck


4. Show blood on the ice. The bleeder will miss a shift or two, but be back on the bench with some Human Centipede like stitching.


blood ice

 “It’s a living.”

5. Show fans taunting players in the penalty box. Surely I can’t be the only one missing the green men in Vancouver?


They’re actually Facebook friends, so it’s cool.

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Written by Kevin McFadden

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