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5 Things the 2017 New York Yankees Need To Do To Win the World Series

I have full faith that the New York Yankees will win the 2017 World Series. Full faith. On paper, this team is fire emoji and I know I will be at the World Series parade next winter. I cannot wait.

But there are a few hurdles that the Yankees must climb over in order to get the cup. The Yankees are having a quiet rebuild so a lot of things have to go right. I’m sure everyone in the Yankees clubhouse right now reads Deadseriousness so allow me to help lead this team to the Promised Land.

Here are things the New York Yankees need to do to win the 2017 World Series:


1. Maybe Put Together a Starting Rotation

This seems like a very simple and obvious thing to state but not for Joe Girardi apparently who entered the season without a 5th starter in the rotation. In his rotation, the Yankees don’t have a 5th starting pitcher on the roster which seems like a mistake I used to make when I played Franchise mode on MVP Baseball 2005 but I was a teenager playing a video games and Brian Cashman is an adult whose job is to sign players.

Tanaka is the number one pitcher and his arm is falling apart. After Tanaka, it’s all question marks. Michael Pineda is obsessed with throwing fastballs directly down the middle of the plate. It’s his favorite thing in the world. Luis Severino could end up being a bust. CC Sabathia has pitched a bajillion innings. If he gets out of the 4th inning of any start I’m shocked.

The Yankees should probably put together a starting rotation sooner than later.

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