5 Prostitutes Get Arrested By Undercover Cop, 1 Tries to Offer a BJ For Some Taco Bell

Five women ranging in age from 31 to 48 were arrested Thursday on prostitution charges during a citywide sting, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

In four cases, the women offered to perform a sex act on an undercover detective in exchange for money, according to police reports. 

Two of the women are also facing charges of use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

The fifth woman arrested, Buffy Suzanne Bryan, told a detective posing as a customer that she would perform oral sex in exchange for two soft shell tacos — totaling $2.14 — from Taco Bell, her arrest report said.



Squuaaaaad Gooaaaals. Who doesn’t want to get locked up with their girls. I’m sure their snapchat story was absolute fire emoji that morning. Instagram likes for days.

Prostitutes are people too and sometimes they want Taco Bell just like the rest of us. For that broad, it was like her final meal on death row. I don’t know which one of those gorgeous women in the group mugshot is Buffy Suzanne Bryan but I think spending $2.14 in exchange for a blow jay is a fair trade.

These 5 are like The Avengers of the disgusting Florida prostitutes rings. Which one is the hot one? The one that looks like Owen Hart or the one that looks like every lunch lady in every middle school cafeteria ever?







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