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5 NBA Stars That Need To Demand a Trade Yesterday

NBA stars have more power than the president and after watching Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis force their way out of town, it’s become quite clear that any star can leave whenever they feel like.

But some stars don’t have that temperament. They should. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Closed mouths don’t get fed. If your team stinks, demand a trade to another one.

Here are 5 NBA stars that need to demand a trade yesterday:

1. Blake Griffin

When Blake Griffin is healthy, he is one of the best players in the game today. He started last season dropping 50 and leading the MVP discussion. The problem is, keeping Blake healthy is mission impossible.

Griffin is coming off a career-high with 24.5 points per game and 2.5 three-pointers a game. Three players averaged 24 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists last season: Giannis, LeBron, Blake Griffin.

Free Blake from Luke Kennard and Langston Galloway.

Take his newly developed perimeter game and put him back into an environment with an amazing passer like he had on the Clippers. The Nuggets should replace Paul Millsap with Blake Griffin so we can see Nikola Jokic/Blake Griffin alley-oops.

2. Karl-Anthony Towns

KAT has played 4 seasons in the NBA and every year, Minnesota finds a new way to destroy their salary cap and lock Towns in a team full of players that make him worse.

If you dedicate a massive chunk of your salary cap to Andrew Wiggins then you clearly don’t give a shit about winning games.

Every season, Towns goes on a run for a month where he drops 40 points and grabs 20 rebounds anddd Minnesota still doesn’t win because Wiggins went 2-for-16 and was defensively absent.

This is tentative though. It appears as though Minnesota is making cap space to pursue D’Angelo Russell. If they can convince a player who played in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, to come on over to Minnesota, then perhaps Towns should stay another year and see what happens. It’s safe to say that Russell is better than Jeff Teague.

3. Kevin Love

Look how many star big men that need new homes. This season could be exciting as hell from a team-building standpoint. With Golden State no longer being the obvious frontrunner, teams can throw their future out of the window and win in 2020 and Kevin Love can be the final piece.

Kevin Love spent so much of his career in the Karl-Anthony Towns position of racking up high scores on the Minnesota Timberwolves pinball machine while losing every single game before finally getting to compete for the title every year.

Allow Love to compete for chips again. Darius Garland and Collin Sexton are going to miss every shot so perhaps Love wants to stay and break rebounding records but probably not.

4. Devin Booker

I’m tentative on this one. Devin Booker says things about wanting to build a super team in Phoenix but that sort of just comes off as lip service and saying what he thinks people want to hear.

He seems like the type of cat who enjoys scoring 70 points and being able to do whatever he wants offensively with no consequence or national judgment.

At some point in his career, Booker might grow tired of being modern day Tracy McGrady but maybe not.

IF he wants to win games, it won’t be happening in Phoenix.

5. Bradley Beal

The Wizards need to tear everything down and blow this team up. They tried to build around Brad Beal and John Wall. It didn’t work. John Wall was a dick to everyone and karma took his legs away.

As long as John Wall has a supermax contract and crutches, Bradley Beal cannot succeed there. It makes zero sense for the Wizards to attempt to build around Beal with Wall don’t the road rehabbing like War Machine after Captain America: Civil War.

Bradley Beal is Washington’s best asset to accelerate their rebuild. Trading him would bring draft capital as well as help them tank and get a top draft pick themselves.


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