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4 Reasons Why Mass Shootings Will Never Stop Happening in America

Guns are a fucking problem. That’s where the conversation needs to begin. We can talk about mental health and AR-15’s and blah blah but guns are the problem. Citizens in America have guns and there are mass shootings. Citizens in other countries do not have guns and there are no mass shootings. Science.

By the time I finish writing this article, I’m sure there will be a mass shooting at a Chuck E. Cheese or something and Donald Trump will tweet something about Hillary Clinton being a bad tipper and #thoughtsandprayers’ will be trending on Twitter and by the time I finish writing my next article, we will have moved on to talking about Blac Chyna.

Here are 4 reasons why mass shootings will never stop happening in America:

1. “Tradition!”

There seems to be this (dumb) belief that everything the original founding fathers wrote into the Constitution and Bill of Rights is the way the country should be running forever.

1776 America and 2018 America are two completely different places.

Laws need to be updated as technology and society evolve. Thomas Jefferson wrote the constitution on a coffee table that was really just a slave on all fours keeping steady while Jefferson wrote on his back. Yea, the founding fathers nailed it.

The 19th amendment outlawed alcohol. Then they quickly realized that it created an entire industry of new crimes so they created the 21st amendment that abolished the 19th.

Amendments can be changed and voided. Let’s stop pretending like the 2nd Amendment is this perfect legislation that should never be altered. It’s clearly not going too well.



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