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4 Reasons Why Lamar Jackson Will Have The Best Career Out of All The 2018 Quarterbacks

Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback in this current 2018 draft class and it’s not even that close. He has the strongest arm, the quickest feet and the highest ceiling. Shouldn’t be too shocking that the league that bans players from protesting racial injustice is devaluing the only black quarterback in this draft.

But it’s not just race.

Heisman trophy winning quarterbacks tend to lose their talent once they throw on an NFL jersey. Tim Tebow. Troy Smith. Johnny Manziel. Star college quarterbacks don’t automatically become stars in the NFL but Lamark Jackson is a special talent.

Here are 4 reasons why Lamar Jackson will have the best career out of all the 2018 quarterbacks:

1. Expectations

For whatever reason, people believe that Lamar Jackson, a quarterback who won the Heisman two seasons ago and pretty much had an identical season this year, should switch to wide receiver because he doesn’t have the accuracy to play the position even though that the projected number one overall pick, Josh Allen, completed 49% of his passes at community college playing against Southern New Hampshire University and Devry. Makes sense.

There is still this antiquated belief that fast (black) quarterbacks lack intelligence, accuracy and work ethic to make a real impact and there’s such a small sample size for these guys because they aren’t given the chances to succeed. People literally make shit up to diminish Jackson. “I don’t trust him to throw on third and long” What the fuck are you talking about?

Dating advice: Always under promise and over deliver. Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback in this draft but expectations are low so he’s going to soar over that low bar with ease.


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