4 Reasons Why Donovan Mitchell Should Be 2018 Rookie of The Year

We’ve got ourselves a petty war between Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons over who deserves to win Rookie of the Year and both players have compelling arguments. Both players will be All-Stars for years to come and both players led their teams to historic success this year.

But there can only be one. Here are 4 reasons why Donovan Mitchell deserves to win Rookie of the Year:


1. Utah Jazz Success

As I write this, the Utah Jazz are currently the 3 seed in the Western Conference. You could spend the rest of your life searching the internet for every possible prediction of the 2017-18 NBA season and zero percent of people thought the Jazz would be the 3rd best team in the West.

People want to hand Boston Celtics head coach, Brad Stevens, the Coach of the Year award because he managed to win so many games without Gordon Hayward but hey, the Jazz played without Gordon Hayward too. They didn’t need that bum because Donovan Mitchell is out here dropping 30 on fools like it’s no big deal.

Yes, Rudy Gobert is a defensive beast but he’s only played in 55 games this year. Ricky Rubio has improved but I swear if you try to tell me that Joe Ingles is better than anyone on the Sixers starting 5, I’ll fight you. Mitchell is carrying these cats while Simmons gets to play with Embiid.

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Written by Deadseriousness

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