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10 Thoughts After HBO Announces The Oakland Raiders Will Be Featured in 2019 Hard Knocks

  1. The Oakland Raiders were obviously always going to be on Hard Knocks, right? Like, no one wanted to watch Matt Patricia sharpen his prop pencils or Nick Bosa hanging Confederate flags all over the 49ers locker room.
  2. Everyone is excited to see what Antonio Brown is going to say or do as they completely forget the fact that Antonio Brown is an asshole who 1000% won’t be showing up for any practices.
  3. At the same time, Antonio Brown is thirsty for attention so he is without a doubt planning his speech right now about how Ben Roethlisberger left his texts on read or something.
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4. That’s gen-u-ine Alpaca. YOU BLOT THAT SHIT.

5. Vontaze Burfict and Antonio Brown are reuniting. I’m sure nothing will go wrong. Two best buddies who have no history of violence against one another. (This hit gave Antonio Brown a concussion. He hasn’t been the same since. See previous photo).

6. So there’s an elephant in the room and that elephant bullied a former teammate and left wild messages on his answering machine calling him a ‘half-nigger’ which, you cannot do.

7. Richie Incognito was arrested twice last year for threatening to murder another human being. Hard Knocks ’19, babyyyy. (Someone is going to lose their life).

8. I have no idea if Marshawn Lynch is retired or not but he will without a doubt be whipping a trainer’s cart down the field at some point. He might not even be on the Raiders anymore. HBO will pay Lynch personally.

9. Mike Mayock was hired as the Raiders GM after spending the majority of his career on television. Every person from top to bottom of this organization is obsessed with being on TV.

10. Jon fucking Gruden. No further words.

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