10 Thoughts About J Cole Executive Producing Young Thug’s Next Album

J Cole and Thugger are working together…oh no.

In 2018, J. Cole surprised fans by bringing Young Thug on tour with him. Around that time, the two began having conversations about the possibility of working on music together.

Now, it’s confirmed: J. Cole will executive produce Young Thug’s new album, sources close to Thug tell Complex. The two have started initial recording sessions in New York. (Complex)

  1. Before I talk shit about J Cole, I should mention that he’s one of the best technical rappers in the game right now. He’s extremely good at what he does and as far as bar for bar rapping goes, there are only a handful of guys you can argue are better.
  2. Now that all that stuff is out of the way, J Cole is corny as hell and I don’t want his herba mate stained fingers or his exposed Birkenstock toes to touch Young Thug’s records.
  3. Young Thug, Gunna and Lil Baby are going to be in the studio huddled up talking and J Cole is going to ‘excuse himself’ to use the bathroom but the second he leaves the room, he’s immediately going to call the cops.
  4. Or he might try to be the cool mentor like Michelle Pfieffer in Dangerous Minds. Leather jacket on deck.

5. Or Young Thug is about to drop some conscious rap Lupe Fiasco type shit that no one on Earth asked for. Here comes some ‘think about the children…won’t somebody think about the children’ ass bars.

6. Young Thug is the best rapper alive right now. That is simply a fact. No one can manipulate his voice, cadence and lyrics to perfectly mold around a particular beat than Thugger. Perhaps Cole brings out a new side of Thug we’ve never heard before.

7. Young Thug over some boom bap ‘hip hop hip hop’ beats might be an interesting turn for the man whose last studio album Beautiful Thugger Girls was a weird acoustic country rap album. The man is forever changing his sound. What a legend.

8. Personally, the only music I want to hear is Super Slimey 2. Put Young Thug and Future in a studio alone together for a weekend. The sounds that come out of that session might lead to World Peace, prob.

9. J Cole better not fuck this up for everyone.

10. I have no idea what an executive producer actually does.

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