10 Quarterbacks With The Most Pressure On Them Heading Into The 2018 NFL Season

Quarterback is the most pressure filled position in all of sports but for some quarterbacks, there is more pressure on them than others. There are some guys like Andy Dalton and Sam Bradford who will skate by forever and make millions of dollars without ever winning significant playoff games and hats off to them but some guys don’t seem to have that same level of job security.


Here are 10 quarterbacks with the most pressure on them heading into the 2018 NFL season:


1. Ryan Tannehill

I have no idea why Ryan Tannehill is automatically penciled in as the starter for the Miami Dolphins considering he’s only put together one winning season for this team in 2016 and he only played 13 games that year before sitting out the entire 2017 season with an injury. Dope.

Here’s the biggest sign that Tannehill is on the hot seat: his backup is Brock Osweiler. Brock Osweiler is the worst quarterback of the last decade but he ALWAYS ends up playing. Year after year, he sneaks his way onto the field whether it be due to injury or the QB1 gets benched. If Osweiler is on the roster he is going to play and he’s going to suck.

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