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7 Reasons Why Justice League is the Worst Movie Ever

Man of Steel: dumb. Batman V. Superman: bad. Suicide Squad: dumb and bad. Sooo why did I go see Justice League knowing that DC has made nothing good outside of Wonder Woman which was all on the back of Patty Jenkins and had nothing to do with Zack Snyder? Why did I think it was a good idea to spend $10 and 2 and a half hours for a movie in which the CGI didn’t even look finished?

I’ll say this, Justice League was better than the previous movies I mentioned. The Joss Whedon effect was clear and present but it was still a shit film. The entire time I was sitting there, I kept thinking to myself “I can’t wait for them to reboot this”.

Here are 7 reasons why Justice League is the worst movie ever:

1. What the fuck is Batman doing?

So, I’m going to jump around all over the place¬†because I don’t remember the sequence of events in this movie and neither did the editor of the movie but here’s the first thing: what the fuck is Batman doing? Let’s start with the fact that he openly visits other heroes in the middle of the day as Bruce Wayne. He’s talking about wearing a bat suit with Arthur Curry in that fisherman’s wharf surrounded by like, 30 guys all actively listening to these two men discussing his secret identity.

Why was Bruce Wayne cracking so many jokes? Last movie you established he was a secluded maniac that was branding shoplifters and torturing people. Batman was an inch away from taking Superman’s life. Now he’s a happy-go-lucky jokesman cracking wise about Aquaman’s ability to communicate with fish? Bullocks.

But in regards to Batman, the fuck is he doing? The shining moment of Batman V. Superman was when Batman beats the brakes off of Lex Luthor’s thugs in that warehouse. It was one of the best action sequences in any comic book movie. In Justice League, all Batman does is run away from fights and instead, jumps into various vehicles that he instantly crashes like a drunk driver. Seriously, he ran into no less than 3 different shaped tanks in this movie and crashed them after about 42 seconds each time.

Also, shout out to Batman for busting his ass to put a team together only to start the final battle by saying “I’m going into this alone”. Then WHY DID YOU EVEN PUT THE TEAM TOGETHER, GUY.


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