Kyrie Irving is a Sociopath Put On This Earth To Ruin Team Chemistry

Kyrie Irving had a mysterious shoulder injury that forced him to miss 26 games this season. In his absence, Spencer Dinwiddie and the Nets stepped up and were playing good enough basketball to secure a 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. They were keeping their heads above water waiting for their star point guard to return.

Kyrie returned against the Atlanta Hawks and went off. He shot 10-for-11 with 21 points, 4 assists and 3 steals. Easily one of his best games ever. We probably should’ve all realized that he was playing against Trae Young, the worst perimeter defender in the league.

The next three games of his return, the Nets are 0-3 including an 11-point loss to a Joel Embiid-less Sixers team in which Kyrie had a -29 plus-minus on the court and a 20-point blowout loss to the Milwaukee Bucks this weekend.


Much like in Boston, there is this strange phenomenon where teams seem to perform better when Kyrie isn’t around which is odd because he is typically the most talented player on the floor. Hm. Something to think about.

Well, after missing a majority of the season only to return and go on a losing streak, Kyrie ran to the media to blame the players around him:


Kyrie Irving says that the team needs to trade for more pieces. He then proceeded to name a few players on the team while leaving out the names of guys like Joe Harris and Rodions Kurucs. Kyrie named DeAndre Jordan, the BACKUP CENTER, and didn’t mention Jarret Allen.

This was the most frustrating part of Kyrie and Durant deciding to sign with the Nets this offseason. They said they moved to Brooklyn because they were a playoff team and were closer to a championship than the Knicks while simultaneously not understanding that in order for the Nets to be able to afford their two max contracts—as well as DeAndre Jordan’s ridiculous 4-year $39 million deal—the front office would have to get rid of many of the key pieces that led them to the playoffs the year prior.

D’Angelo Russell is having a better season than Kyrie Irving. Facts.

If the Nets lack enough pieces to win, it’s Kyrie’s fault for not recognizing that a majority of the cap space is dedicated to DeAndre fucking Jordan and Kevin Durant’s achilles.

A few days later, Kyrie ran back in front of microphones to blame the media for portraying him as a bad teammate. Interesting move to blame the media after you are the one who said these dumb comments in front of the media.

After a season in Boston filled with reports of locker room drama caused by Kyrie being a sociopath who constantly bragged about being a champion and talked down to his young teammates even though he’s literally only like, a year older than Jaylen Brown, Kyrie has taken this same nonsense to Brooklyn.

Here is a really cute and totally normal exchange between Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVert:

“It’s not a coincidence that the last time the Nets won a title, they were led by Julius Erving,” Irving said, referencing the two ABA titles Hall of Famer Julius Erving won with the then-New York Nets in 1974 and 1976. “And now, we have another Irving. I’m just saying.”

Yea, Kyrie Irving is a sociopath.

I will defend Kyrie for a moment and then never again: The Nets do need help in order to win a championship.

Fortunately, they have two-time Finals MVP KEVIN DURANT returning next season so I get the feeling that Brooklyn will right the ship at some point. Personally, I wouldn’t spend this year throwing my teammates under the bus.

Kyrie exists exclusively to explode locker rooms and ruin his teammate’s confidence. And he’s undefeated.






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