Terry Francona Left the Ballpark on a Scooter

I haven’t liked Terry Francona since the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees in 2004. I will never forgive him for being a better manager than Graddy Little who wore Pedro Martinez’s arm to the ground and reallyyyy trusted Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball more than Tim Wakefield trusted Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball.

Now I dislike him even more now that I see him ride his little scooter wearing a lame ass umbrella hat. I want to stuff him in a locker and break his nerd glasses.

This baseball season, no one is safe. Of course I will mostly be talking about all things Yankees but I’m not going to let Terry Francona get away with being a shoebie. I was indifferent about the Cleveland Indians but now I hope they lose every game and by double digits until Francona buys a Ford Focus or some shit.


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