King Bran The Broken Is The Perfect Symbol For Why Game of Thrones Season 8 Was Trash

Bran spent the last few seasons telling anyone that will listen that he’s no longer Bran. When asked about being the rightful heir of Winterfell he says he can’t hold titles. He has no wants or desires anymore.

Yet, when Tyrion once again presents the idea of becoming king of the seven kingdoms to Bran in the finale, Bran not only accepts the burden but he’s kind of a dick about it.

“Why do you think I came all this way?”

The fuck are you talking about?

Anytime someone calls you Bran, you correct them and say that you’re the Three-Eyed Raven now. And all of a sudden in the finale you’re like ‘yes, Bran The Broken, a title that I am super excited about and have waited my whole life for. King Me’.

Moments like this mark the biggest problem with season 8 of Game of Thrones. No, it’s not coffee cups or disappointing battle scenes or not enough major characters dying.

There were so many character and story inconsistencies.

I’m not at a point mentally or emotionally where I am ready to fully expound on how awfully they ended Daenerys Targaryen’s story but going from not showing your enemies mercy to essentially dropping a nuke on an innocent city isn’t quite the natural progression of a character.

Clearly, the show was leaning towards a heel turn from Khaleesi at some point but she sacrificed her army, her own life and her life’s mission of taking the throne, in order to fight her boyfriend’s war in the North which is one of the most selfless acts of the show.

Two episodes later, she murders thousands of civilians. Bit of a leap in like, a 48 hour span.

Speaking of sacrificing everything for the greater good, how does Jaime leave the love of his life to go fight a war to save humanity and then afterward look Brienne in the eye and say this:

What are you TALKING about? You stabbed the Mad King in the back to save an entire city and you’re currently speaking to Brienne, the one person in Westeros who knows the truth about you. We all saw that bath scene.

You saved Brienne from a bear. A BEAR. You lost your hand for her. You’re really about to give homegirl the ‘I’m a bad guy’ speech.

Clearly the show wanted Jaime and Cersei to die together and this is the best they could do to get there.

Arya’s entire storyline was her obsession with eliminating the people on the list that wronged her and her family. She was in the same damn room as Cersei Lannister, the woman whose name she had been whispering to herself before she slept every single night.

Andddd all it takes for her to change her mind is for The Hound to say ‘Don’t do it, kid. You’ll regret it and end up like me’. And Arya just like, shrugs and goes home.

Arya might be the most stubborn human in this show outside of Cersei and after all these years, The Hound changed her life in one line. And by the way, Arya clearly looks up to The Hound in a way. So The Hound telling her not to end up like him doesn’t even make sense.

And then Arya gets on a boat and leaves forever.

Remember when she ran into Hot Pie and was told that the Starks are back in Winterfell and cancels all of her plans to go reunite with her family?

Well fuck em, reunion over. ROAAAAD TRIIIIPPPP.

Introducing Jon Snow as a Targaryen for the sole purpose of using that as a plot device to irritate Daenerys is insanely dumb but again, I’m not ready to discuss Daenerys yet. My heart still weeps.

Which leads me back to Bran.

The only conceivable way to make sense of Bran’s sudden interest in politics is to assume that he had been plotting for the throne for a while and all of his actions were intentional misdirects to knock off Dany and send Jon to the moon.

Here’s the problem with that: Bran can’t really see the future. Yes, the show briefly introduced ‘greensight’ where Bran gets premonitions of the future in dreams but there was no real exploration of it or really any of his powers.

So to assume that Bran had seen this coming all along is giving the show far too much credit for a concept they did absolutely nothing to build or indicative and it assumes that Bran allowed Daenerys to blow up the city he rules over and again, nothing about Bran up until that point depicted him as some power hungry monster.

We shouldn’t have to still be making shit up on Reddit forums to wrap our heads around what happened. If Bran was plotting to take the throne, SHOW HIM PLOTTING.

If not, then it simply appears as though the show forgot how often Bran continued to turn down all titles and human identity for multiple seasons and made him king because George R R Martin said so.

I don’t even want to hear ‘break the wheel’ ever again.

What wheel was broken? Ned Stark’s son became king of the seven kingdoms and immediately gave his sister preferential treatment by allowing her to become an independent nation and allowed his brother Jon to serve in the Night’s Watch instead of executing him.

It’s straight up exactly where it was when the show started. If anything, they reinforced the wheel.

What an awful way to end a show that was so smart for so many years.

“Who has a better story than Bran the Broken?” LITERALLY EVERYONE THERE DOES. How is that the requirement for king?

Bran survived a fall from a high tower? Davos survived the Battle of Blackwater, my guy. He watched a witch birth a shadow demon. He saw Jon die and come back to life. Bran gave Hodor brain damage and then killed him.

Maybe let’s not allow the man with a physical handicap tell us how important it is that Bran is physically handicapped. Might be a little biased.

Season 8 was trash. BOOOOOO.

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