Zion Williamson is Cool or Whatever But Brandon Ingram Is Leading The Pelicans To The Playoffs

Zion Williamson is set to make his NBA debut this week against the San Antonio Spurs. ESPN and Bleacher Report social media managers and ready to rip footage of every single step he takes to post with some corny “Road To Zion” caption.

He was the No. 1 overall pick and was the most dynamic player in college basketball history. He’s the size of a Toyota Camry but can dunk like Vince Carter. It’s understandable why people have been impatiently waiting for him to return from his poor poor knees struggling to carry the weight of a Monstar.

But don’t let that alien distract you from the fact that Brandon Ingram is averaging 25.6 points with 6.7 rebounds and 4.4 assists on 40% shooting from the 3-point line. He has career highs in quite literally every single category this season.

Last week, Ingram put up a career high 49-points against the Utah Jazz with 8 boards, 6 assists on 15-for-25 shooting. He became the third player under the age of 23 to score at least 49 points putting him only behind Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Decent company.

The Los Angeles Lakers sent all of their young stars to New Orleans for Anthony Davis and while Anthony Davis limps through one game a week, Brandon Ingram has become one of the most consistent scorers in the league.

Brandon Ingram has one of the most gorgeous jumpers I’ve ever seen. Slow ass hell release sometimes but gorgeous none the less and he will always be taller than his defender so getting his shot off will never be a problem.

The Pelicans have won 9 of their last 14 games. Ingram is averaging 26.3 during this stretch and has led New Orleans from the bottom of the Western Conference to only 3.5 games from the 8th seed.

If Brandon Ingram doesn’t make the 2020 All Star team then shut the game down. I’m calling collusion and I want Adam Silver impeached.

Everything about his game looks so smooth and effortless. From his crossover at the top of the key, to his catch and shoot from the corner to his closed eyelids that make him look like he has a locker full of edibles.

It’s just hilarious that the Lakers traded everyone away but refused to let Kyle Kuzma leave their clutches and boy, does Kuzma STINK. Ingram is shooting 4% higher from the field on about 7 more shot attempts. Ingram is asked to do more and does more better than Kuzma does less.

The Lakers would kill for Ingram’s perimeter shooting. Laugh out loud.

Everyone is sleeping on Brandon Ingram. Including Zion.

Brandon Ingram MVP watch starts today.




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