zion tacko

Zion Ate Tacko


76-73. UCF was poised was the upset of the year. With only 17.8 seconds left in the game. All they had to do was defend the court. One final defensive stop and they would’ve marched into the Sweet 16 beating their chest. They would’ve slayed the Blue Devils and Coach K, the white devil.

Enter Zion.

Not only did he carry Duke on his back with 32-points but he scored two of those 32 points directly into Tacko Fall’s mouth at the end of the game for the AAAAND ONEEEE. (He missed the free throw and RJ Barrett saved him with the put-back layup. UCF really should’ve boxed out.)

There were so many stories over the weekend predicting that Tacko Fall would be the force to stop Zion Williamson. Laugh out loud. Tacko is a great kid and he seems nice or whatever but his limbs are so long that he moves in slow motion. Zion looks like The Flash next to Tacko. 32 points.

UCF really put a Tacko in front of a 285-pound college freshman and thought they would win that matchup. They deserved this L.

Tacko Fell.


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