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Zina Bash Casually Flashing The White Power Hand Signal During Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Confirmation Hearing Isn’t The Best Look


That ‘OK’ symbol has been used by the alt-right as their symbol of white power in their unwavering quest to ‘own the libs’ so it makes total sense that the woman who has worked for Brett Kavanaugh would sit there listening to the democrats press Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing and use that opportunity to of course ‘own the libs’ with that hand signal.

I’m not saying that Zina Bash was definitely throwing up gang signs in the Senate but like, that’s not how anyone sits with their arms crossed. Literally no one in the history of history has ever rested their arms that way. That looks super uncomfortable to just like, chill for an hour. No, that seems quite deliberate.

Homegirl had the best seats in the house where she knew she would for sure be seen and flashed a white power sign only to then play dumb afterward. Take that libs. Ugh, time for more lefty conspiracy theories about how the GOP is racist after they do racist things.

Dumb leftys.

Zina Bash sounds like the name of a 90’s pornstar who used to star in films with Stormy Daniels back in the day. Zina Bash is the name you give your daughter if you either want her to A.) grow up and become an expensive local escort or B.) a white supremacist.

Brett Kavanaugh is going to become the new Supreme Court Justice and bring the country back to the 1800’s when you had to get abortions in barns by farmers and black people will have separate water fountains again but Zina Bash, who is actually Mexican, will get a seat at the old white people table because she’s out here flashing their Bat-symbol on television.

Genius move from her in that regard. Worst case scenario, she’s working for Steve Bannon as the two of them go out of their way to make sure black people do not flourish. There’s decent money in it. At least six figures if you’re evil enough to get away with holding up white power signs during important senate hearings.

The libs have officially been owned by Zina Bash, warrior racist.




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