Zach Randolph Arrested For Trying To Sell Some Weed

NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested Wednesday night on a felony charge of marijuana possession with intent to sell.

According to police reports obtained by TMZ Sports, LAPD officers responded to a call in L.A. around 10 p.m. and found a large group of people smoking weed, blasting loud music, and obstructing the roadway. Three people, including Randolph, reportedly tried to flee but were caught and detained by police.

The cops reportedly called for backup after the other people at the scene of the crime became “unruly.” As part of the ensuing mayhem, six police vehicles had their tires slashed and windows broken.

In the end, officers recovered two guns, drugs, and a “significant amount” of cash, though it’s unclear what exactly belonged to Randolph.



This suuucks. I won’t pretend that it’s funny that one of my favorite basketball players was arrested for having a bunch of weed in Los Angeles, a city in which weed is legal. Let Zach Randolph live. My man is just hugging the block with the squad.

Having said that, I LOVE that Z-Bo is still out here with the homies chillin in the street blowing that loud and bumping (I assume) YG and causing a raucous. This is why he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Or at the very least, there needs to be an All-Goon Hall of Fame so that Randolph came make it in the first ballad.


Also, none of this would’ve happened if an NBA team just decided to sign him. But nope, now he’s stuck selling weed on the corner. Can’t. Knock. The Hustle.


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