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You’re Allowed To Enjoy Philip Rivers’s Dominance This Season Without Constantly Questioning If He’s a Hall of Famer

At the age of 36, Philip Rivers is having the best season of his career. This past Sunday he set the NFL record for most consecutive completions to start a game and the record for completion percentage in a game at 96.5%. Oh, he also sprinkled in 3 touchdowns during his completions streak. Mad decent.

The San Diego Chargers would go on to beat the Arizona Cardinals 45-10 to improve their season record to 8-3. They are one game out of first place in the entire AFC and you have to give Rivers all the credit in the world.

Melvin Gordon has provided a much-needed running game that has been lacking since Ladanian Tomlinson retired but what Rivers is doing stands out as he’s 4th in the league with 26 passing touchdowns and 3rd in quarterback rating.

Philip Rivers would be an MVP candidate this season if Drew Brees wasn’t perfect and Patrick Mahomes wasn’t revolutionizing the quarterback position.

But what is mind-numbingly frustrating is that we can’t enjoy and talk about his great career without everyone thinking they are saying this insightful hot take that Philip Rivers belongs in the Hall of Fame. 

You are not unique or special if you think Rivers is a HOFer. He has an entire career of monster statistics. Yes, he’s never had a deep playoff run or a Super Bowl appearance but again, if everyone agrees that he’s going in the Hall, he’s going in the Hall. You are not the first person to suggest as much.

I get he’s reaching the end of his career so people are reflecting. But let’s reflect after he retires. He’s nowhere near done yet. Chill. You’re not an ‘expert.

Let’s all enjoy what Philip Rivers is currently doing and stop trying to be the first ones to say he’s the best ever.



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