Your Complete Guide to Jessica Jones

I just spent the last 13 hours binge watching every episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix and since I run Deadseriousness, I’m contractually obligated to write about it. Jessica Jones is probably the best Marvel project yet so allow me to use my geek comic book knowledge to educate you on all things Jessica Jones.

What separates her from all of the other current Marvel works is that Jessica Jones isn’t actually a superhero. She’s just a detective, who happens to have super powers. What makes her like every other single Marvel character is that she lives in New York. Literally every hero lives in New York. Crime in the city isn’t even that great to have Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Doctor Strange and Luke Cage. Regardless, she is completely unique from all of those heavy hitters and here is your complete guide to Jessica Jones.

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jessica jones truck

Jessica Jones was a teenager on a family road trip when their car crashed with a military truck carrying ‘hazardous’ materials. The accident killed her family but gave her super powers. I’m pretty sure these are the same chemicals that made Daredevil blind. They should probably start transporting these chemicals via train or something. Lot of dead people and blind people.

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