Young Thug’s ‘On The Rvn’ Should Be The Only Album You Listen To This Week (Also Forever)

Did you favorite rapper just drop an EP with an Elton John feature? No? Can’t relate. Mine did. Thugger went bar for bar with the Rocket Man and came out on top. There is literally nothing that Young Thug can’t do when he steps into the booth.

Whenever I see a Jaden Smith feature, I roll my eyes but put Jada’s son on a track with Thugger and all of a sudden Jaden Smith is a legitimate artist making straight up HITS. I cannot rap nor sing but I bet Thug could pull a Billboards #1 hit with me because he is that talented.

Real In My Veins has the part of the song that we get every so often from Young Thug where he turns the autotune off and is like ‘oh yea no, I can actually rap my ass off whenever the fuck I want. Watch this’. Whenever he raps in his real voice you need to sit down and listen because some life-changing words are spilling out of his face.

Listen to On The Rvn and Slime Language back-to-back and you’ll pass out from exhaustion. Young Thug is in a rare zone where he is the most prolific artist but it’s not like when Gucci Mane was putting out new music every week but they were a lot of b-sides and throwaways that no one needed nor asked for. No, everything that Young Thug releases is¬†fire.

Young Thug is the best rapper alive and no one can tell me otherwise. Thank you for blessing us with your art.





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