Young Thug and Chris Brown Should Do Another Album Together (Without Chris Brown)

Recently, a Young Thug Chris Brown project randomly hit the streets as we were gifted Slime & B without anyone in the world expecting or really even asking for it. In these dark quarantine days, we need Young Thug now more than ever.

You know who we don’t need? Chris Brown.

Young Thug is one of the most unique artists in rap right now. His ability to use his voice as a tool and create so many different sounds with it makes his music unlike anything else out there. Even just his ad-libs are better than most rappers full verses.

And now I can’t listen to his new tape because he decided to team up with truly one of the shittiest people ever. It is impossible to separate Chris Brown’s art from the artist becomes he seems so proud of being an asshole. At no point do I want to click play and give him any streams. There will be no money in his pocket coming from me.

If you zoom out and look at these two men’s careers, it makes absolutely zero sense for Thugger to even answer Chris Brown’s calls let alone create a full mixtape with him. Thug’s last album, So Much Fun, hit No. 1 on the charts. He’s one of the biggest artists out. Chris Brown is a big name whose music is now irrelevant. Why join forces with a problematic creatively stagnant sociopath?

I have no idea why Young Thug and Future haven’t released a follow up to Super Slimey but going from a collab with Future to one with Chris Brown, in 2020 the year of our lord, is puzzling. Shit, I’d rather him dropped another tape with Rich Homie Quan as they go back and forth rapping about how much they hate each other.

Thug didn’t even seem to care about this mixtape.

If I read this after listening to Barter 6, I would openly weep as if the messiah returned. But I truly believe Thugger recorded bullshit for an hour and went back to bed without even thinking about it further. I still do not understand why this happened?

Here is a link to a cut of this Young Thug Chris Brown tape with Chris Brown cut out. And here is the only song I’ve listened to as it’s just Young Thug and Future together in the final track. Again, this should’ve been the entire album:



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