You’ll Never Believe What Bill Cosby’s First Meal in Prison Was

What Happened?

Officials at Montgomery County Jail in Pennsylvania tell The Blast Cosby will be well fed for his first night in the slammer, including a chicken patty with gravy, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and an iced tea juice packet. On top of all that, we’re told he will be getting VANILLA PUDDING!



This motherfucker. Bill Cosby spent decades drugging women and humping their passed out bodies. Then spent the last half decade excusing his behaviors and blaming the women for taking the pills in the first place.

Then he somehow only received 3-10 years in prison even though there were hours upon hours on testimony against this garbage human. And on top of all that, Cosby bust into laughter when the judge sentenced him earlier this week proving that he has zero remorse for being a serial rapist.

And now he walks into prison and gets handed his favorite treat? Pudding? Is this justice or an all expense paid vacation for this bitch? There are people that say giving the death sentence to murderers and rapists gives them the easy way out and life in prison is more torture.

Uh, that’s not the case when Cosby spent his whole life fixated on pudding and then gets to prison and finds himself with a lifetime supply of that shit. I’d be 1000% okay with a lethal injection here.

The Cosby Show still exists, right? Cool, I’ll watch that quietly and the star of the show will be euthanized tonight. I’m okay with all of that.

Fuck Bill Cosby.




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