You Never Go Full Hitler

DeSean Jackson has gotten into the deep internet side of social justice and racial equality as he’s been posting the ideas of Louis Farrakhan—a leader who has some brilliant thoughts regarding race in America as long as you’re okay with sifting through hours upon hours of disgusting antisemitism.

In an attempt to defend himself from critiques of supporting and endorsing Farrakhan’s antisemitism, DeSean Jackson posted a lovely quote from the one and only Adolf Hitler.


desean jackson hitler



Let’s start by pointing out that Hitler didn’t even say this and it’s a false quote. Wait until DeSean Jackson reads what Hitler ACTUALLY said. This was like the mid to late 2000’s when the entirety of Facebook posting culture was just random and made up inspirational quotes from like, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs and shit. First Hitler false quote though.

DeSean Jackson is clearly looking for someone to look up to. Following the murder of George Floyd, many of us are looking inward and seeking answers as to why we even need to tell people that our lives matter. That existential crisis brought DeSean to Louis Farrakhan and now Hitler.

I hate the position that black people are in that this faux-Hitler quote is even a little bit appetizing but you just can’t go full Hitler. He’s the one man in history that you can’t ‘both sides’ it about. You can’t praise his leadership or his uh, hate for Jewish people.

I am not one of those people that believe black people need to be on our best behavior in order to convince white folks that we should be considered equals. The onus should not be on the oppressed to play nice for the oppressors. They’ve made their decision. We don’t need to sit up straight and say ‘no sir, yes sir’ to them.

But did anyone else notice racists salivating when this story broke? Couldn’t wait to jump into every NFL writers mentions and ask them if they planned on talking about this Hitler post the way they talked about Drew Brees deepthroating the flag last month.

Their boy Drew Brees was held accountable for his foolish comments about the National Anthem and they want DeSean Jackson to face that same scrutiny. And not because they suddenly love Jewish people and care about their plight.

Nope, they just sooooo desperately want a black guy to be called racist so they can ‘cancel’ someone like they believe their white racist heroes are treated even though the only white guy who was ever ‘canceled’ for being racist was Donald Sterling and that soggy scrotum made $2 BILLION during his cancellation from selling the Los Angeles Clippers.

Racists LOVE screaming about ‘free speech’ as they think the constitution allows them the freedom to say hateful ignorant shit all day long and if you call them out on their bigotry then you are infringing on their rights.

Interesting how those same people aren’t defending DeSean Jackson’s freedom to say wildly stupid things. I wonder what’s so different about DeSean and Drew Brees…hm.

No one should be quoting Hitler under any circumstance. We also shouldn’t be cheering that we finally got a black guy being racist. This asshole was trying to inspire his black following and decided to go full Hitler.

You never go full Hitler.





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