You Guys Really Gave Steve Bannon Millions To Build A Wall, Huh?

Donald Trump’s former campaign chief, Steve Bannon, was arrested on Thursday and charged with fraud after stealing millions of dollars from people who donated to fundraising to build Trump’s dumb border wall.

There is no border wall and Steve Bannon got rich off of the irrational fear of immigrants that HE created. Truly seized the means of productions. Bold for a Nazi to master such Marxist ideologies.

This is the life of a Trump supporter. You believe that Latin American refugees escaping their hellish environments for the safety and all the potential for their lives and the lives of their children in the United States are actually all evil leeches who want to rape and murder your blonde hair blonde eyed daughters while stealing money and resources from your pocket.

So you waste your disposable income to donate to an extremely shady ‘We Build the Wall’ Gofundme campaign because you voted for Trump which means you know absolutely nothing about politics and you think that you can donate to fund government construction projects.

Meanwhile, Steve Bannon was on his fucking yacht when he was arrested for stealing from the most fragile fools in the country. Bannon worked this scam alongside disabled Air Force veteran, Brian Kolfage, who used the stolen money to buy a boat that has appeared in a Trump boat parade in Florida because apparently Trump has boat parades(??).

“Make liberals cry again” what a fun political stance and overall super cool way to think.

Donald Trump has surrounded himself with the worst criminals and these people are like ‘good! more criminals! that’ll make the liberals suffer!’. And by worst criminals, I don’t mean the severity of the crimes are worst. In fact, I mean the opposite. They are such low stakes criminals who are literally incapable of not immediately getting caught for their dumb shit. That’s been Donald Trump’s entire adult life. Doing illegal shit and promptly getting caught. But now when he does it, it’s to own the libs.

There is a direct relationship between low intelligence and your capacity for hate due to one’s inability to comprehend the emotions and motives of those they disagree with. Just an overall lack of empathy and Steve Bannon has built his entire career into tricking these low IQ racists into sending their bank accounts to him.

These people love nothing more than being scammed for the sake of owning the libs. Timothy Shea worked alongside Bannon and Kolfage. He runs a company that sells Donald Trump energy drinks called Winning Energy that and the company website describes the drinks as “12 invigorating ounces of liberal tears.” People are spending money on gross ass low quality energy drinks simply because they don’t like liberals. These are the people who donate $25 million to build a wall.

Also worth noting that Steve Bannon was arrested on a yacht owned by a Chinese billionaire. These ‘own the libs’ racists HATE that the NBA is promoting Black Lives Matters and constantly tried to discredit their social justice work by claiming that they bow down to China in the midst of their genocide of Muslims. But Bannon hangs out with Chinese billionaires and they’re donating cash to his get-rich-quick schemes.

You people deserve the leadership that you continue to allow yourself to be scammed by so they can win imaginary arguments with imaginary liberals.

Trump will probably stay in power for at least the next 4 years because Joe Biden has no idea where he is right now and new scammers will emerge to take Steve Bannon’s place and they will continue to make millions off the backs of the dumbest segment of Americans: racist upper middle class boaters. Scum of the Earth.



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