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You Can Now Listen To Mike Francesa Mumble About Chad Pennington While He Falls Asleep on His Brand New App For The Low Low Price of $100 A YEAR

What Happened?


Mike Francesa has officially entered the Scammer’s Hall of Fame with this app that cost $98.99 ANNUALLY. My god, what a flex. This man is literally serving up a free radio show every single day and is like ‘I know you bitches want more and will pay any price for me’. And the wildest part is that he’s not wrong. People are going to run up credit card bills to hear his lazy rants about Alex Smith and the I-formation or whatever.

Mike Francesa is an incredibly boring speaker with no enthusiasm at this point in his career. His opinions haven’t changed in about two decades so you’re literally hearing an elderly white man tell Odell Beckham to pull his pants up and stop showing personality. It’s a reaaal tough listen.

“Mike Francesa’s Football Sunday Show” sounds like a nap waiting to happen. Maybe this is my own bias against football preview shows and how unimportant they are and my even stronger bias against paying $100 A YEAR to hear this dinosaur say over and over ‘the Jets need to run the ball’ while you hear Diet Coke coming out of his straw.

If this works for Francesa, I will absolutely be dropping the Deadseriousness app. If you people are really spending $100 a year for a man that you already hear for free every day then you’ll def pay for my brilliance. My genius deserves at least $10/month. I might not even post this article without some dollars in my account first. You need to venmo me lunch money for Yankees takes from now on. Going forward, you want NBA Power Rankings, cash app me your most recent paycheck.



“I wanted to create my own exclusive platform to provide fans and subscribers with fresh content to complement the WFAN program they have known and trusted for decades, but with a level of information and immediacy they have never experienced before.”





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