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Yoenis Cespedes Isn’t The Bad Guy

There was chaos on Sunday morning when the New York Mets announced that Yoenis Cespedes did not show up to the stadium and they had not heard from him. Naturally, we all thought the worst especially after the overdose of Angels player Tyler Skaggs last season.

After hours of confusion, it was later reported that Cespedes was alive as hell and just went home after opting out of the season.

It is very easy to throw stones at Cespedes after his strange history with the Mets. He’s a dick and a weirdo. This article isn’t an attempt to make Yoenis seem like a normal human. Have you ever seen this man hit a baseball? There is nothing normal about that swing.

But there’s been a lot of shitting on Cespedes as if the Mets have been a perfect organization.

It was instantly reported that Cespedes and the Mets had beef as he claimed the team was intentionally keeping him out of lineups in order to avoid paying him his performance bounces.

If you follow the Mets, is this surprising at all? They have the arguably the best player in the division and they don’t want him to play well so they don’t have to pay him what THEY wrote in his contract.

Plus, Major League Baseball has made it quite clear they do not intend on actually keeping any of these players safe from Coronavirus so it would be foolish to assume that the Mets were going above and beyond to protect these guys.

So yes, it’s a dick move for Cespedes to quit without telling the Mets first but if he didn’t trust the league and didn’t trust the Mets then why would he warn anyone? Talk to his agent if you want his thoughts.

Again, not attempting to pretend like Yoenis Cespedes is like, good. There was that one Spring Training where he showed up to camp in a different brand new expensive car every day for absolutely no reason and there’s nothing cornier than bragging about your money. He also had that hardcore match against wild boars that shattered his brittle little legs.

I think I hate this guy now that I think about it.

But what we must never do is give the New York Mets the benefit of the doubt. Ever.

Let’s look at this mess from Cespedes’s perspective.

His new manager Carlos Beltran, got fired before he managed one single game. His general manager Brodie Van Wagenen is potentially fucking with his money and trying to skirt out of paying him what he earns which is EXTRA disrespectful when you remember that Van Wagenen was Cespedes’s agent when he negotiated the deal with the Mets that he is currently trying to undermine.

And on top of all that, The Wilpons are actively trying to sell the team to anyone that’ll return their phone calls. And again, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred doesn’t care if all these players catch a virus that has killed over 150,000 people.

Please focus your anger at the New York Mets and Major League Baseball for putting Yoenis Cespedes in this position.




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