Yes, Christian Hackenberg Sucks But The New York Jets Were Suckier

There is no reason why the New York Jets wasted a 2nd round draft pick on Christian Hackenberg in 2016 considering they already had Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith battling for the starting QB1 job and oh yea, they drafted a quarterback, Bryce Petty, the year prior. The Jets put Hackenberg in a position where he was guaranteed to fail.

In 2011, the NFL changed the practice rules in a fake attempt to limit the number of hits these players take throughout the week even though CTE is all but ensured regardless but with these practice changes, teams can no longer have fully padded practices and practice time is reduced. Two-a-days are gone and teams are only allocated 14 full-padded practice ALL YEAR.

All of this leads to a limited amount of reps that your quarterbacks can get leading up to games. It’s nearly impossible to develop a quarterback in this league when they’re watching from the sidelines because you have to give all of your limited practice reps to your two quarterbacks battling for No. 1.

Christian Hackenberg is the epitome of the problem with the NFL and the quality of play declining. How can Hackenberg improve when he can’t even get looks over Bryce fucking Petty. Bryce Petty, who once said that he was working on reading NFL defenses by playing Madden on Xbox. This is your quarterback?

Hackenberg knew he sucked. We all knew he sucked. But the New York Jets didn’t help him un-suck at all. He literally went to the team asking for help with his mechanics and the Jets collectively shrugged.

It’s almost as if the Jets saw Hackenberg sitting on the draft board and decided ‘let’s ruin this kid’s career before it even starts’. And frankly, mission accomplished.

If you’re a Jets fan, how do you think Sam Darnold is going to fair playing for an organization that has zero employees in the building with knowledge of the quarterback position. Christian Hackenberg was begging for help and the Jets left all of his texts on read.

Now, Hackenberg is taking his talents to the future Las Vegas Raiders. Cannot wait for the ESPN 30 for 30 when the music gets dark and we venture into Hackenberg’s rock bottom spiraling out on the Las Vegas strip found unconscious in the Bunny Ranch next to Lamar Odom and a Stormy Daniels look-a-like.

Thoughts and Prayers to Christian Hackenberg.




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