Yasiel Puig Had a WILD Night With His New AAA Teammates and the Dodgers Are Pissed

It wasn’t the best look for Puig, a player demoted to the minors last week as much for his conduct, behavior and commitment as for his play. Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman released a statement on Tuesday regarding Puig’s latest misstep.

“We are aware of what Yasiel posted on social media last night and while we are disappointed in his and some of our other players’ judgment, this is a matter we will address internally,” Friedman said.


Yasiel Puig has one speed. Go. Whether he’s crashing full speed into a wall to catch a fly ball or he’s partying with his new Oklahoma City buddies, Puig has no off swtich. Yasiel Puig is quickly becoming one of my favorite players because he’s one of the last guys who seems to actually enjoy themselves.

Yes, apparently this team lost last night and went out celebrating like they just won the World Series but what did you expect when you sent a STAR down to AAA. He was going to hit the batting cages extra hard and improve his ability to hit the ball opposite field? Laugh out loud.

Let Puig live. Make baseball fun again.


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