Yankees Fan Drops Three Foul Balls And I Completely Blame Him For The Loss

The New York Yankees are struggling right now. Last night, they were completely demolished by the Boston Red Sox, one of the worst teams in MLB. Wonderful. Who’s to blame? The Yankees bats going cold? Nope. The pitchers lobbing beach balls? Nope. This Yankees fan who can’t catch a baseball. Duh.

This motherfucker singlehandedly cost the Yankees a baseball game, and at this point in the season, they cannot afford to lose games. I need this dweeb banned from Yankee stadium. You know, I don’t want to take any chances so I need him to be banned from even watching games at home. Move to Milwaukee or some shit. The Yankees are trying to win a World Series and they can’t do it with these outlandish distractions. I hate this guy.


Side note: I would 1,000% bang his wife/girlfriend. Not because she’s necessarily attractive or anything like that. She’s just so used to being disappointed that I’m sure she’d settle for anything at this point.


Written by TheLesterLee

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